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Some Great Hikes

Listed here are some of the more popular hiking trails within the park and wildlife area. Numerous other unofficial trails intersect these 30-miles of trails, which are not included on the map.


3 miles one way: Forested Dunes, Ponds.
Park off Kellogg Road in the horse trail parking lot. Take the Marsh Trail for 0.2 mile to a short connector trail on the right to the Ridge Trail. This gravel road continues for 3.0 miles with ponds along the way and ends on a ridge near the Yontocket Cemetery. A shuttle could be arranged for pick up at the end of Pala Road.
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Yontocket Slough

6.2 miles total loop: Continues from North Ponds Hike.
At the Cemetery, take the narrow sand trail next to the meadow for 1.3 miles. It weaves through forested dunes and circles a horse camp. After 0.2 miles from the horse camp, the trail comes to a Y. Going right will connect back to the Ridge Trail. Taking the left trail will lead to the East Ponds and ultimately back to the Ridge Trail connector to the Marsh Trail and the horse trail parking lot.
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2.0 miles round trip: Forested Dunes, Marsh, Lagoon Edge.
Park in the gravel lot beyond the Lake Earl Wildlife Area Information Center. Trail starts from the parking area; go 0.2 miles on sand trail to gravel road, go right at road. Trail passes through forests, secluded meadows, and wetlands. The Alder Marsh and Cadra Marsh side trails lead to the lagoon’s marshy edge. Trail opens with panoramic view of Lake Earl at old homestead site. Picnic table by the lagoon provides good viewing for birds.
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Cadra Pt looking South


4.2 miles total loop: Continues from Cadra Point Trail.
Hike or bike the main gravel road to the north another 1.2 miles through coastal prairies. Side trail to Goose Point offers spectacular panoramic views of lagoon and distant mountains. Trail comes to a T at McLaughlin Pond with a view of Lake Tolowa and the ocean in the distance. Follow the roadway to the left past maintenance barns, picnic table, and beaver pond. Continue 2.0 miles back to parking area.
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Sweetwater Creek Trail

2.4 miles round trip: Beach Access.
Park in circular parking area at end of Sand Hill Road. Take the gravel trail through gate. After 0.4 miles the trail turns to sand and veers to the right. It continues through forested and grass covered dunes to the mouth of Sweetwater Creek where it joins the beach.
Point St. George is a 2.0-mile walk south along the beach.
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Sweetwater Creek Estuary

4.0 miles total loop: Beach Access.
Park at the end of Sand Hill Road in the circular parking area. Walk through gate, do not follow gravel road in front of you, but take the narrow trail immediately on the right. Stay on the trail for 2.0 miles through meadows and forest until it emerges into the open at top of dune. Follow trail down and to the left to the flat plain behind foredunes. The trail continues south for 0.8 miles to the Sweetwater Creek Trail and heads inland 1.2 miles to parking area. Hiking south along the beach to the mouth of Sweetwater Creek is also an option.
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Dune Pond

3.0 miles round trip.
Park at end of Sand Hill Road. Walk 0.4 miles until trail turns sharp right. Go left through narrow opening in the fence. Travel uphill on main trail for 0.6 miles. Follow signs that continue uphill to Dead Lake overlook or go down to the water’s edge. Trail to the left leads 0.3 miles to Big Dune (Sand Mountain), the largest living dune in the county.
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